Decal Order Form

A separate decal set is required for each watercraft and trailer you bring. Example: if you are bringing one boat and one PWC, order two decals. Each watercraft decal comes with a complimentary trailer decal and a passcode that will give you access to the boat ramp. Use of docks and the storage area are based on availability.

The cost for each decal set is $20 per day for the length of your stay. There is a $5 handling charge per order. Example: If you are bringing one boat and one PWC for 3 days, your total decal fee will be $125.00 ($20 X number of watercraft X length of stay - plus $5 handling).

If you are renting a watercraft from our on-site partner, Bridgewater Marina, you do not to need to purchase a decal. Your rental watercraft will be delivered to you fully-permitted at no additional cost.

If your order date is less than two weeks in advance of your arrival, your decals will be held at the CPOA office, located in the Welcome Center. You may pick up the decals at our office, 9 am to 4 pm Monday thru Friday. At other times (Saturday, Sunday and after hours), you may pick up your order from the self-serve pickup/drop off box next at our front door. For weekend and after-hour assistance call 540-721-8316.

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slugOne decal is required for each watercraft and trailer you bring.
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If you do not know your unit name/number, please consult your rental agent

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By submitting this request, I agree to the pay the charges as stated above. I certify that I have read, understand, and will follow the Rules and Regulations of Bernard’s Landing (Click here to read and print rules). I agree to ensure that each occupant of the above unit is aware of and abides by these rules.